Debra Silva Rivera

Writer, Middle Grade

Debra Silva Rivera has completed her first middle grade manuscript and is working on her next one. In  2013 and 2015,  she was selected and attended VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation), a summer writing workshop co-founded by Pulitzer Prize Fiction writer, Junot Diaz. Also, in the summer of 2017 she was selected and attended Las Dos Brujas writing workshop founded by author, Christina Garcia.

Growing Up: Debra considers Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York her first home because that is where she lived from age 8, until she went to college. Before that Debra lived an Army Brat life moving every three years. Her early experiences of moving frequently gave her the confidence to meet and make friends wherever she went.

Debra’s love of books happened during a middle school class trip to the Williamsburg Public Library. She discovered books unlike the ones she was required to read in school. She fell in love with reading. When Debra was not reading, she was daydreaming, creating her own stories and writing in her diary.

After high school Debra attended  the State University of New York in Binghamton, Cortland and Oneonta and earned degrees in Counseling Education and School Administration. For over 20 years she worked as a Guidance Counselor and Administrator in public schools in upstate New York.

Currently, Debra loves participating in local writing groups. She writes middle grade stories and lives in Ithaca, New  York.

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